Siri Austin Entertainment is proud to announce the collaboration of USA Best Selling and NAACP Nominated Author Beverly Jenkins and Award Winning Author Iris Bolling in the making of the movie Deadly Sexy. The fast paced, suspense filled drama follows Sports Agent Jessi “JT” Blake as she tries to survive a hostile takeover of her clientele. In rides big rig driver and lawyer, Reese Anthony, who is investigating the senseless murder of a professional football team employee. Little do they know, they are traveling on a merging highway?

The primary goal of this collaboration is to turn stories you love into a film. “We want to tell stories the way they were written,” says author/film-maker Iris Bolling. The legendary, historical novelist, Beverly Jenkins states, “We’ve been waiting for Hollywood to green light us forever.” As to the outcome of the project, she states, “I hope this will be a model for all people of color to get their stuff to film.”

Beverly Jenkins has been the mentor and educator for a number of authors. Her stories teach us about ourselves. This is an opportunity to capture her unique storytelling style on film. How great is that?!?

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